Lisa Piccirillo

I’m a PhD student in low-dimensional topology at the University of Texas at Austin, expected 2019. I am interested in three and four-manifolds and knot concordance. For more information, see my research page. You can also see my preprints here.

I am the lead organizer and I mentor in the Directed Reading Program (DRP) at the University of Texas. The DRP is a math reading and mentoring program with emphasis on learning to learn and communicate mathematics. If you are considering starting a DRP at your university I would love to answer questions and I have some resources I can make available.

In spring 2018 I am organizing a learning seminar on constructions of four-manifolds. You can see more about my past and present activities and leadership here.

Here are some places that you might run into me in the near future:

  • I'll be speaking in the geometry and topology seminar at Binghamton on March 8
  • On March 16th I'll be speaking in the topology seminar at CalTech
  • I'm excited to be speaking at Tehran Topology June 24-28