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My research interests are in hyperbolic geometry and arithmetic groups.

PhD Thesis: Quantifying virtual properties of Bianchi groups. (2018).
Special subgroups of Bianchi groups. To appear in GGD.
Essential surfaces and intersections in the character variety. AGT, Vol. 17, 5 (2017) (arxiv)
(with Han Li) Small generators of Arithmetic Fuchsian groups. PAMS, Vol. 144, 12 (2016). (arxiv)
(with Colin Adams et al) Stick index of knots and links in the cubic lattice. JKTR, Vol. 21, No. 5 (2012). (arxiv)
Undergraduate Thesis: Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds as Discretized Configuration Spaces of Simple Graphs. (2011).


Fall 2017 - TA for M380C with Andrew Blumberg
Fall 2016 - TA for M382C with Jeffrey Danciger
Fall 2015 - TA for M382C with Cameron Gordon
Fall 2014 - TA for M427K with Brittany Froese
Summer 2014 - Grader for M325K with Le Thai Hoang and Zach Miner
Fall 2013 - TA for M367K with Michael Starbird
Spring 2013 - TA for M408M with James Pascaleff
Fall 2012 - TA for M408D with Javier Alejandro Chavez-Dominguez
Spring 2012 - Grader for M365C with Amir Mohammadi and Kui Ren

About Me

I am an NSF postdoc at UCSB. I previously completed my PhD in mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin, supervised by Alan W. Reid.

My CV is available here.

email: mchu[at]math.ucsb.edu
office: UCSB South Hall 6718