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Mark L. Daniels is a Clinical Professor of Mathematics and the UTeach Program in Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to being the Associate Director of the UTeach Program in Natural Sciences, he is an Assistant Chair in the Mathematics Department. He has developed the curriculum for and teaches multiple inquiry-based mathematics courses, some specifically designed for pre-service teachers. Dr. Daniels is also the faculty advisor for teaching options in the Mathematics Department as well as the Director of the Discovery Learning Project for the College of Natural Sciences. Moreover, he is the Co-Director of the Inquiry-based Learning Project in Mathematics working with Michael Starbird.

His research interests, of late, involve the preparation of pre-service mathematics teachers and the incorporation of discovery-based instructional methodology in university undergraduate mathematics courses. Dr. Daniels did his undergraduate work at The University of Chicago and graduate work at Walden University of MN and The University of Idaho.

  • Name : Dr. Mark L. Daniels PHD
  • Associate Director UTeach - College of Natural Sciences
    Department of Mathematics
  • Clinical Professor
  • Phone : +1 512 232 5767
  • Email : mdaniels@math.utexas.edu
  • Office Location: RLM 10.114 / PAI 4.10
  • Office Address: The University of Texas at Austin
    2515 Speedway C1200
    Austin, TX 78712






Fall 2015

Discovery - Introduction to Advanced Studies in Mathematics

Unique#: 53610
Capstone course designed primarily for UTeach pre-service mathematics majors considering discovery teaching methodology and/or graduate work in mathematics or mathematics education. Ties together foundational topics in the primary strands of mathematics present in a typical graduate mathematics program; included are selected topics from analysis, algebra, number theory, and topology.

Download the Syllabus.
UGS 303

From Numbers to Chaos

Unique#: 61960, 61965, 61970, 61975
This course is primarily about logical thinking and justification. We will develop these skills by exploring certain topics mostly in mathematics and science but not limited to mathematics and science only. The course begins with an axiomatic development of number systems and the concept of a field in mathematics. The completeness of the real number line will be developed followed by an extension into the field of complex numbers. Complex numbers will then serve as a theme for the rest of the course. Properties of complex numbers, constructability of complex numbers; and, finally, iterated functions of complex numbers will be investigated in the light of recently developed Fractal and Chaos Theory related to complex functions under iteration. Chaos Theory’s interdisciplinary connections to the sciences as well as its beauty as a system will be emphasized.

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Major Works

Constructing Numbers: An Inquiry-Based Capstone Course in Mathematics (2014)

Mark Daniels, Efraim Armendariz

Cognella Publishing, San Diego, CA. - 108 pages

Functions in Mathematics: Introductory Explorations for Secondary School Teachers (2012)

Mark Daniels, Efraim Armendariz

Cognella Publishing, San Diego, CA. - 95 pages

Discovery Learning Pros and Cons (2014)

Mark Daniels Contributed Article

Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy, Sage Publications

Primes and Denumerability: A Function Approach (2011)

Mark Daniels, Efraim Armendariz

Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Mathematics Education, pp. 13-16. September edition.

Graphing ‘Cartesian Functions’ in Polar Coordinates (2011)

Mark Daniels, Efraim Armendariz

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges journal V2. Number 2, pp. 34-36, February edition.

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