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I can be contacted in a variety of cool and exciting ways.

UT email: send it

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google voice: 512-850-5792

facebook: right here guys

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I am interested in lots of things within the realm of algebraic topology, but my primary focus is on algebraic k-theory. I also moonlight as a dude that does both applied algebraic topology and data science. I've been known to consult on stuff. Here's my CV.


talk notes
here are some talk notes. they are not guaranteed to be entirely correct.

expository things
other stuff I've written.

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I am presently teaching 427K for Prof. Klaus Bichteler.

My office hours are M/W from 3:45-4:45 in RLM 10.126.

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Here are some cool links, guys. I used to have more, but I lost them all when Geocities shut down.

math homies

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