Spring Semester: SSC384 Topic 3 / M384D / CSE384S

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Mathematical Statistics II

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SSC384 Topic 3 ()
M384D ()

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TTh 5:00-6:30 pm 


Prof. Mary Parker

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This is the second semester of a two-semester course designed to provide a solid theoretical foundation in mathematical statistics.  It focuses on the theory of point estimation, interval estimation, and hypothesis testing. Although this is largely a course in classical methods, some materials on hierarchical models, Bayesian methods, and decision theory are included.

Prerequisite: SSC384 Topic 2 (or M384C or CAM384R) with a grade of B or better or the equivalent. (If you have had a different course that you believe to be equivalent, then you must have the consent of the instructor. Here is a set of questions I gave to students in a previous year who wanted to take this without having taken the first half of the course. It is possible that my set of questions for the current year will be somewhat different from this but this might help you understand the level of the course.)

TextbookStatistical Inference by George Casella and Roger L. Berger , second edition. Some additional handouts are provided.

Consent of Instructor RequiredYes, unless you have just completed UT's SSC 384 Topic 2 (or M384C or CAM384R) with a grade of B or better.

Additional InformationThis course is cross-listed as and Mathematics course M384D and a Computational and Applied Mathematics course CAM 384S.

Prof. M. Parker

RLM 13.160

Email: parker@math.utexas.edu

Homepage: http://www.ma.utexas.edu/users/parker/

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