Minor in Statistics at Brigham Young University

School: Brigham Young University: http://www.byu.edu/webapp/home/index.jsp
Type of schedule: Semester

Name: (Minor, Concentration, Track, Program) Minor

Typical major(s) for students: Sociology, business

Within what degree (BA or BS)? BS

Does your department offer a major in statistics? Yes

Statistics and Probability courses required / allowed:

Six courses are required. These three courses, for 8 hours, are required of everyone:

These two graduate courses, which are available to advanced undergraduates, can be taken in place of but not in addition to Stat 221 and 336. Stat 510 Statistical Methods for Graduate Students and Stat 511 Statistical Methods for Research I.

Note: If any course is required in your major, it cannot count for a minor in statistics.

The following four options are available. Each has a specific list of statistics courses required / allowed for the additional three courses in the minor.

School requirements / expectations for a minor: None provided.

Contact information:

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