Minor in Statistics at St. Lawrence University


School: St. Lawrence University http://web.stlawu.edu/
Type of schedule? Semester

Name: (Minor, Concentration, Track, Program) Interdisciplinary Minor in Applied Statistics

Typical major(s) for students: Various - Psychology, Biology, Economics, Mathematics, and others

Within what degree (BA or BS)? either BS or BA

Does your department offer a major in statistics? No

Statistics and Probability courses required / allowed:

Requires 5 courses from among:

At least one (and not more than 2) of the courses must be from the disciplinary methods courses outside the Math department.

A senior honors or independent project that has a substantial statistical component may also serve as one of the five courses.

School requirements / expectations for a program like this: Minors must be 4-7 courses.

Additional information: One or two students a year in the past - should increase with a recent change to allow courses to double-count towards more than one major or minor - and hiring another statistician!

Contact information:


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