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Paper about this work in the Journal for Statistics Education (JSE)

Examples of Statistics Undergraduate Minors / Concentrations / Tracks / Programs

At the August 2000 USEI Symposium, the participants were very interested in examples of minors / concentrations that are currently being offered at various schools. We have asked participants at that Symposium and members of various other email lists of statistics teachers, to respond to a survey about minors / concentrations / etc. at their school.

Following are five examples that give a good overview of possibilities.


Concentrations / Tracks / Programs


Current Practice:  If you have plenty of time, feel free to browse among all the responses we have had from various departments. We have chosen (and will choose) our examples from all those submitted. You can submit (or revise) your department's information at any time. See the survey at the end of this page.

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