Bobby Grizzard
office: RLM 11.146
office phone: (512) 475-8809
Office hours for Spring 2013: MW 11:00am - 12:00pm, TTh 9:30am - 10:30am

I am no longer at UT! Click here to find my new home page at the University of Wisconsin, where I am a postdoc.



I am a Ph.D. Candidate working under Professor Jeffrey Vaaler at The University of Texas at Austin Department of Mathematics.

I am interested in the solutions of polynomial equations in one variable (the theory of algebraic numbers), and in the algebraic solutions to polynomial equations in several variables (diophantine geometry). I am especially interested in heights, which are real-valued functions that measure the complexity of an algebraic number or an algebraic point on a variety. Most of my research has focused on studying properties of heights over infinite extensions of the rational numbers. This is motivated by applications to diophantine equations, where a powerful tool is to compare height estimates to prove that equations don't have too many solutions.

Likes: heights, diophantine geometry, algebraic number theory, Galois theory, group theory, arithmetic statistics, SAGE, GAP, MAGMA

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Upcoming/Recent Travel

⊕ 9/7/13-9/8/13: PANTS XX, Davidson College

⊗ 10/5/13-10/6/13: Maine-Québec Number Theory Conference, University of Maine

⊕ 11/25/13-12/4/13: Heights in diophantine geometry, group theory, and combinatorics, ESI, Vienna

⊗ 3/15/14-3/19/14: Arizona Winter School 2014: Arithmetic Statistics, University of Arizona

⊕ 7/14/14-7/25/14: Second ERC: Diophantine Geometry, Unlikely Intersections and Algebraic Dynamics, Cetraro, Italy


Current: M 427L, Vector Calculus, with Dr. Bart Goddard

Recent Courses:

M 408S, Integral Calculus, with Dr. Elizabeth Stepp, Spring 2013.

M316L Foundations of Geometry, Statistics, and Probability, Spring 2012

M316K Foundations of Arithmetic, Fall 2011

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