RLM 11.142

Department of Mathematics
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712

I am a third year mathematics Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Austin.  Previously I was an undergraduate at Rutgers University, where I graduated in 2015 with highest honors in mathematics and a minor in cognitive science. 

My research interests are in homotopy theory, primarily in axiomatic stable homotopy theory. Click here for a non-technical overview of what that means.

In particular, I am interested in understanding how various structures and phenomena in stable homotopy theory can be brought into contexts beyond classical algebraic topology. For example, I have recently been thinking a lot about the modular representation theory of finite groups.

Click here for a more in-depth exposition of my research.

My CV was last updated Jan 2018.


Spring 2018

I am the TA for M408M (multivariable calculus) with Dr. Shirley. The lectures are MWF 12-1pm, and I lead two discussion sections, TTH 2-3pm and 5-6pm. My office hour is Tuesday 1-2pm in RLM 11.142.

Click here for the discussion section website. Here is the course website.

Fall 2017

I was an SI leader for M408K (differential calculus) with Pedro Morales. The lectures are MWF 9-10am, and I lead two discussion sections, TTH 2-3pm and 5-6pm.

Click here for the discussion section website.

Summer 2017

Over the summer, I organized a series of Summer Mini-Courses, focusing on tools, methods, and ideas that aren't usually covered in prelim classes, but are useful in topics classes/research.

Spring 2017

I co-organized a learning seminar on quantum topology and categeorification with Arun Debray.

I did not teach this semester.