Fall 2010 Algebraic Topology
Tentative Course Schedule
(Last revised October 18)

August 25-September 3: Chapter 1

September 8-15: Chapter 2

September 17-24: Chapter 3

September 27-October 6: Chapter 4

October 8-22: Chapter 5

October 15: Midterm

October 25: Chapter 6

October 27-November 8: Chapter 7

November 10-19: Chapter 8

November 22-December 3: Chapter 9

I would have liked to go a little bit faster than this schedule and have time for additional topics, such as Lefschetz theory and comparing different homology theories, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Covering spaces have taken more time than expected, with the distraction of the midterm, and the schedule is pushed back a little from where it once stood.