Fall 2012 M408N
Tentative Course Schedule
(Last revised August 29)
The following is more of a goal than a set schedule. Everything but the exam dates is subject to change. The topics for each class will define the pre-class and post-class homework.

With each class, I have listed some Quest learning modules that, together with the book, can help you prepare for the class. You are free to read/watch whichever ones you like. Some of the learning modules have embedded exercises. These are worth doing, but will not count towards your course grade. However, the pre-class assignments, which are based on this material, are required and do count towards your grade.

The learning modules are labeled by the section(s) of the book that they correspond to, by the authors' initials, and sometimes by whether they are videos. LS = Lorenzo Sadun, ES = Elizabeth Stepp, BG = Benni Goetz, HVL = Heather van Lighten, and JM = Jessie Miller. LM just stands for "learning module". After a while, you'll probably decide that you really like some authors and don't like others. That's OK. When more than one module is listed for the material, you are free to use whichever ones you like best.

The book is more detailed than any of the learning modules. If you find yourself stuck after doing the learning modules, look things up in the book!

When I'm done uploading the learning modules for a class session, I'll list that date in bold face. Listings for the un-bolded dates are tentative or incomplete.

Thursday, August 30: Introduction, trigonometry (Appendix D). No pre-class assignment, but you will have a post-class.
0.1: Trig review I -- Right angles (BG, HVL)
0.2: Trig review II -- secant, cosecant, cotangent (BG, HVL)
0.3: Trig review III -- Unit circle (BG, HVL)
0.5: Trig review (LS, video) (covers similar ground to 0.1-0.3, but is faster paced, doing in one LM what (BG, HVL) do in three)

Tuesday, September 4: Section 1.5
LM 0.0: Six pillars of calculus (LS, video). VERY important.
LM 1.5: Exponential functions (BG, HVL)

Thursday, September 6: Section 1.6
LM 1.6 Inverse functions (JM)
LM 1.6 Logarithmic Functions (BG, HVL)

Tuesday, September 11: Sections 2.2 and 2.3
LM 2.2, 2.6: What is a limit? (LS)
LM 2.2: Intro to limits (ES)
LM 2.3 Limit Laws (Part I) (ES)
LM 2.3 Limit Laws (Part II) (ES)
LM 2.3: What do the limit laws mean? (LS)
The ones by (ES) are videos with lots of examples and exercises. The ones by me (LS) are text only, and are shorter. The (ES) modules are probably better for learning from, while the (LS) modules are better for reviewing.

Thursday, September 13: Sections 2.3 and 2.5 (skip 2.4)
LM 2.5: Continuity (ES)
LM 2.5: Intermediate Value Theorem (ES)

Tuesday, September 18: Section 2.6.
LM 2.6: Asymptotes and limits at infinity (LS)
LM 2.6: Limits at infinity (ES)

Thursday, September 20: First midterm. No homework. Suggested review material:
LM 0.0: Six pillars of calculus (LS, video). Especially pillar 1.
LM 2.2, 2.6: What is a limit? (LS)
LM 2.3: What do the limit laws mean? (LS)
First midterm from 2011, both with and without solutions. Note that this was given a week later than this year, so the content is slightly different. This year's exam will not include derivatives.

Tuesday, September 25: Section 2.7
LM: 2.7: What is a derivative (LS) or
a 3-part series (also LM: 2.7) by (ES)

Thursday, September 27: Section 2.8

Tuesday, October 2: Sections 3.1, 3.2

Thursday, October 4: Section 3.3

Tuesday, October 9: Section 3.4

Thursday, October 11: Section 3.5

Tuesday, October 16: Section 3.6

Thursday, October 19: Sections 3.7, 3.10 (skip 3.8)

Tuesday, October 23: Section 3.9

Thursday, October 25: Second midterm. No homework.

Tuesday, October 30: Section 4.1

Thursday, November 1: Section 4.2

Tuesday, November 6: Section 4.3. Last day to drop.

Thursday, November 8: Section 4.4

Tuesday, November 13: Section 4.7 (skip 4.5 and 4.6)

Thursday, November 15: Section 4.9

Tuesday, November 20: Section 4.8 (yes, we have class!)

Thursday, November 22: Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 27: Section 5.1

Thursday, November 29: Section 5.2

Tuesday, December 4: Section 5.3.

Thursday, December 6: More on Section 5.3.

Tuesday December 18: Final exam, 9-12.