Document Camera Slides for
M365G, Curves and Surfaces

Most lectures will be done using a document camera. Or at least mostly done using a document camera. After lecture, I will scan the slides and post them here. You can use them to supplement your own notes. (Obviously, the links won't work until I've actually done the scanning.)

These are not intended to be the definitive record of the class. They're just what I happened to write down while talking with you!

Tuesday, January 17: Lecture done with chalk.
Thursday, January 19
Tuesday, January 24
Thursday, January 26
Tuesday, January 31

Thursday, February 2
Tuesday, February 7
Thursday, February 9
Tuesday, February 14
No lecture on Thursday, February 16 (Exam 1)
Tuesday, February 21
Thursday, February 23 Also, see the Wikipedia article on Ruled surfaces for some great pictures of hyperboloids and hyperbolic paraboloids, which are in fact the only non-planar doubly ruled surfaces.
Tuesday, February 28

Thursday, March 1
Tuesday, March 6
Thursday, March 8
March 13 and 15: Spring Break
Tuesday, March 20
No lecture on Thursday, March 22 (Exam 2)
Tuesday, March 27: Material presented on blackboard.
Thursday, March 29

Tuesday, April 3
Thursday, April 5
Tuesday, April 10
No lecture on Thursday, April 12 (Exam 3)
Tuesday, April 17
Thursday, April 19
Tuesday, April 24
Thursday, April 26

Tuesday, May 1
Thursday, May 3