Workbook for
M408S, Integral Calculus for Scientists

This page is always under construction, so you should check it regularly.

These pages are intended to help you study the material. Print them out and fill them in while reading the book and viewing the learning modules. Then refer to them while doing with post-class assignment and the written homework. These worksheets are expanded versions of the "Reading questions" that appear in each Learning Module.

The first month of worksheets are courtesy of Elizabeth Stepp. The dates on the file names correspond to the date on which we will be doing that material. Depending on how well you like them, we can continue to use her worksheets for the rest of the semester or I can generate my own.

  • 5.4: Net Change
  • 5.5: Substitution

  • 6.1: Area between curves
  • 6.2: Volumes

  • 7.1: Integration by parts
  • 7.2: Trig integrals
  • 7.3: Trig substitutions
  • 7.4: Partial fractions
  • No worksheet for 7.5: Integration strategies
  • 7.8: Improper integrals