Mathematical Modeling for Biology

Content:  We cover basics of algebra and calculus to model some of the phenomena in natural science.  The matheamtics we cover include matrices and systems of ordinary differential equations.  We write down some exmples of partial differential equations. The applications we cover are in many areas of science, especially biology and biochemistry.  Students choose an area to study for a project, which determines a good part of their grade.

Class:  Tu Th  11-12:15  RLM 5.114

Unique Number 57455

Professor:  Karen Uhlenbeck  RLM 9.160  471-1172
Assistant:  Elizabeth Lynch  RLM 9.158  471-6237
TA Jesse Sweet RLM 12.132 475-8597

Computers:  There will be a computer assignment once every other week or so.  You can use your own software, or the math department computers in RLM 7.122.  All you need to get an account is your UTEID.  Help on the computer work is available from the TA and the lab proctor (M-F 8-5, Sa 12-5).

Group work:  Modern science is primarily done by groups of people, and we encourage group work for all but the examination part of the course.  The computer segments may be handed in as a group, as can the project.  We ask that for the problem part of the course, everybody turn in their own paper, but list their coauthors.  The main project should be done in a group of 2-4 people.

Attendance:  Please inform either the TA or the professor if you expect to be away from class.  We want to know if you are having personal difficulties.  It is possible to reschedule classes and due dates if enough students request it.

Grading:  This class is not graded on a curve, so youMUST do the work for it.  However, if you do the work, you can expect an A or B.  The class will be graded on the best 500 of 600 scores.
1) Class participation and exercises  (100)
2) Computer exercises  (100)
3)Midterm 1  (100)
4) Mideterm 2 (100)
5) Project  (200 total throughout the term)

Projects will be graded on a scientific basis.  It is perfectly acceptable to use a project that you are already working on, provided you further develop the mathematics in it.  More information about projects will be available as the term goes on. One part of the project will be an oral presentation to the class,

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