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(From Fall 2000, i.e.  this is not current)

Mathematical Modeling in Biology

 Your Professor is Karen Uhlenbeck and your TA is Dorothy Buck

The first day handout is now located in another  file.

There is also an advanced section of this course, which is being conducted as a reading course (text:
Murray, Mathematical Biology, meeting: W 3-5).  Send e-mail to Dorothy Buck for more information.
rmation about the weekly meetings is posted on  advanced bio modeling.

Professor:  Karen Uhlenbeck  RLM 9.160   512-471-1172 uhlen@math.utexas.edu
        Office hours: M 1-2; 3-4, TH 2-3, F 3-4 and by appointment. For more information, see  Professor
       Uhlenbeck's   schedule. .
Teaching Assistant:  Dorothy Buck  RLM  11.108  512-475-9178   dbuck@math.utexas.edu
         Office hours (to be announced).
 Class Time  MWF 2-3    RLM 7.124

Computer accounts on the mathematics department system were handed out the first week of class.
Help in the computer lab is available Friday's 3-4 (after the class), and during other office hours
or by appointment.

Text:  Modeling Differential Equations in Biology, Taubes,  Prentice Hall*

*The original publication date was August 2000.  Because the publication date is delayed,
we have available in class, and in Professor Uhlenbeck's office, copies of the first
ten chapters (free!). The new publication date for the entire book is supposedly October.
Hot new update!  We have the next two chapters, and the new publication date is October 15.

Here is a list of the titles of the rest of the chapters:
11. Matrix notation
12. Remarks about missing Australian preditors
13.  Introduction to Advection
14 Diffusion equations
15 Two key properties of advection and diffusion
16 The width of the no fishing zone
17 Separation of Variables
18 Morphogenesis
19 Stability criteria
20 Summary of advection and diffusion
21 Traveling waves
22 Traveling wave velocities
23 Periodic solutions
24 Fast and slow
25. Estimating time elapse
26 Catastrophes
27 Tests for Periodicity
28 Attractors
29 Causes of chaos

List of handouts for the course: (click to access the test files)
 Grading policy
 project gradesheet
 advertisement for course
 computer information
 Assignments Sept 6 -- ?
 Handout 1 (homework 1)
 Computer Assignment 1
 Instructions for doing computer assignment 1 in netmath
 Computer Assignment 2
Solutions to most of  the problems are posted on  Dorothy Buck's web page.
 Homework 2
 Homework 3
 Computer Assignment 3
 Practice quiz
Computer  Assignment4
In class worksheet on  complex eigenvalues
In class worksheet on   difference equations