M 390 C Algebraic Geometry Fall 2013

INSTRUCTOR: Felipe Voloch (RLM 9.122, ph.471-2674, )

CLASS HOURS AND LOCATION: TTh 12:30-2:00pm RLM 11.176


OFFICE HOURS: Mon 9:30 -- 11:00 or by appointment.

TEXTBOOK: K. Hulek, Elementary Algebraic Geometry, AMS 2003. Errata.

PREREQUISITES: Graduate Algebra. Contact me if you have any questions about prerequisites.

GRADE POLICY: A few problems will be assigned as homework. Do problem 3 of every chapter (including ch. 0). Due 11/12/13.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Algebraic Geometry deals with sets of solutions of polynomial equations in several variables and various generalizations of this concept. It is a huge subject which has been central to major developments in modern Mathematics. This course will be a gentle introduction to the basic ideas of Algebraic Geometry. The plan is to cover the material in the textbook and, if time permits, give a proof of the Riemann-Roch theorem for curves.

Topics to be covered