Fall Semester, 2003

Course Title:  Topics in Number Theory, Exponential Sums
Unique Number:  M390C (57725)
Time and place:  TTh 9:30-11:00 RLM 9.166
Instructor:  Felipe Voloch

Brief description:  Exponential sums are sums of complex numbers of absolute value one. They appear in many branches of Mathematics. We will be focusing on Exponential sums in Number Theory and, in particular, on rational exponential sums which are sums of roots of unity. We will discuss how they are used and the basic questions about exponential sums, for instance, estimates for their absolute values (both complex and p-adic).

Topics to be covered will include:

Prerequisite:  Graduate Algebra

Textbook:  None.    

Course notes:  Each student will be required to take notes for a week and TeX them. The whole set of notes is now available here