Mols puzzle in Tcl/Tk

If you have the Tcl Plugin installed on your browser then you can play the Mols puzzle here. The puzzle's aim is to construct a pair of mutually orthogonal latin squares of side n. That is, you have to place the "cards" on the right onto the left grid in such a way that no two equal numbers or colors appear on any given line or column. Click on a card on the right and click where you want it to go to move it to the left. Clicking on a card on the left returns it to the right. The space bar resets the game. Pressing a number key from 3,4,5,...,0 followed by the space bar will reset with that number for n (0 stands for 10). Notice that 6 is impossible and 10 is very very hard.

If you want to play the game offline on your computer, you can download a Windows executable here.

You can download the Tcl/Tk source text for the example by right-clicking here.

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