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In this section, we explain fields on other event editors that are not present on the appointment editor.

The ToDo Editor

Todo editor

  • Start Date:
      Due Date:
    start and due date of the task. The dates must be specified in a format as defined in calendar options.

  • Due Time: due time, on due date.

  • Priority: priority of the task. This is an arbitary short string. A set of four pre-defined priority levels is available from the drop down menu. They're: low, medium, high and urgent.

  • Task has been completed: completion status. If marked done, the task will no longer be displayed on your calendar view, unless you have turned on the option display completed tasks on calendar on the options screen. Completed task is visible from within the task manager, under the tab Completed tasks.

  • Remind forward: a flag that controls how a todo event is displayed on your calendar. If unset, the task will be displayed only on its due date. If set, the event will be displayed on all days from today to its due date, assuming that today falls between the start and due date of the event. If the due date has passed and the task is not marked complete, a blinking icon, the phrase overdue, the actual due date and the event title will be displayed on today's event table.

The Meeting Editor

Meeting editor

  • Speaker: a person related to a meeting event, it can be a colloquium speaker, a product exhibitor, a party organizer etc.

The vCal Editor

vCal editor

There are two forms on the vCal editor. The first one lets you import a vcs file on your local disk to your calendar. The File selection dialogue allows you to pick a file from your local machie.

The second form lets you import events in vCal format directly to your calendar. The vCal event may be obtained, for example, from an email sent by a friend.

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