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This form lets you choose a theme color for the master head and define default foreground and background color to display events. You can also define a list of color pairs to be used to decorate events.

  • Header Color: There are seven theme colors available with matching master head logo image. You can choose one or all or none of them. If you select all, the header color will cycle through the seven colors based on the day of the week. If you choose none, the color picked by your system administrator will be used, or in the case that is not available, webCal will pick one for you.

    Header color with matching logo

  • Weekend Table Cell Background Color: If defined, the table cell for Sunday and Saturday will be decorated using this color. This is relevent to block month and week view only.

    Highlighted weekend table cell

  • Event Colors: You can define a default foreground color and a default background color for each of appointment, meeting, todo and special events. The colors are specified in the standard #RRGGBB format. You can also select colors from a color palette, obtained by clicking on each of the appointment, meeting, todo and special buttons.

    Color Palette

    The specified color will be used to fill in the corresponding color fields on event editors. The colors will be copied to the event database when new event is entered. Future change of the default event colors has no effect on existing events.

    Colors are event attributes set on individual events. You can change them at anytime using the event editor.

  • Color Pairs: You can define a list of foreground/background color pairs to be displayed as a drop down menu on the event editors. It will save you many key strokes if done properly. To popup the color list editor, click on the appointment, todo, meeting and special in the bottom row on this form.

    Color list editor

Last updated: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:50:15 CST
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