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This form allows you to modify date/time related options.

  • Time zone: Set your local time zone. This option is relevent only when your calendar server resides in a different zone from your local time zone.

    Please note that time zone in events is not supported by the current version of webCal. All events in the event database are zone-less, they assume whatever timezone you set on your calendar. In other words, change time zone does not cause a time conversion for events in your calendar.

    One drawback of zone-less events is that workgroup with members across different time zones is not supported. If you use WebCal to manage group events, all members in the group have to reside in the same time zone.

  • Date Format: Select date formats, a short form like 08/14/2002, and a long form like Wednesday August 14, 2002.

  • Time Format: Select 12 am/pm or 24 hours time format, and choose a method to display event time intervals. Event time can be displayed by either its starting time like 8:00a, or the time interval like 8:00a-11:00a.

  • First Day of Week: Select either Monday or Sunday to start a week. Also decide whether to include weekend in your calendar views.

  • Time Scales: Select a time scale to be used in time tables, in 15 minute increments. This scale is only used in schedule conflict table and free/busy table in week view.

    Also define a default event time interval. This value will be used as the default value in event editor. For example, if most of your events last 50 minutes long, you probably want to set the default interval to 50 minutes. It will save you a few button clicks when entering new events to your calendar.

Last updated: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:50:21 CST
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