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Day view displays a day's event in a chronlogical list. Three different modes are implemented: detailed, bannered and summarized.
Day view option links

To switch viewing modes, click on the icons located on the right of the quick add button. The default day view mode can be modified via the options screen.

Three small month calendars are displayed in a column to the left of the event table. You can navigate to any day by clicking on the day label. You can jump to month view or week view by clicking on the month label or the week link.

  • Detailed Day View

    Detailed Day View

    This view arranges events of specified calendars in a 15 minutes time table, with events properly anchored to their blocked time. The time lable is shaded according to the busyness of the 15 minutes interval it represents, a darker shade indicates a busier time.

    A link handle is available on open time slots. Click on it will let you schedule an event at that time, on the corresponding calendar.

    Multiple calendars are displayed side by side in columns. In the example above, four classroom calendars are listed.

    This view is most appropriate for group scheduling. Common free time is available at a glance.

  • Banner Day View

    Banner Day View

    This view displays events in their reserved time blocks, no overlapping blocks are used. Instead, overlapping events are displayed in separate columns. As in detailed view, the background color of time labels tells you the busyness of the time slot it represents.

    This view is most useful if you want to see graphically the start and end time of individual events on your calendar.

    The link handle links to the event editor, or the comparision dialogue, depending whether you're viewing a combined calendar or not. Either way, schedule a new events on an open time slot with two button clocks.

  • Summarized Day View

    Summarized Day View

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