M358K Syllabus


Prerequisite and degree relevance: The prerequisite is M362K with grade of C- or better. This course is intended for students in the Probability and Statistics math major specialization, students planning to teach secondary mathematics, students working for a BA in mathematics, and (as space permits) students in the natural sciences. Students preparing for graduate work in mathematical statistics should take M378K instead of or after taking this course.

Text: The standard textbook is Moore and McCabe, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, fifth edition. This will be supplemented with additional material.

Instructors should contact Martha Smith for more details on the project, pacing and supplemental material.

Project: Students will be expected to do a term project to apply the material studied in the course.

Computer use: Students are expected to use software (typically, Minitab) to create graphs and do statistical calculations. They should also be able to interpret software output.

Syllabus: keyed to Moore and McCabe:

Chapter 1: Looking at Data - Distributions
    Sections 1 - 3, supplemented with additional activities and material.
 Chapter 2:  Looking at Data - Relationships
    Sections 1 – 5, supplemented with additional material.
Chapter 3: Producing Data
    Sections 1 – 4, supplemented with additional material, including the project proposal.
Chapter 4: Probability: The Study of Randomness.
    Sections 1 – 5 (Mostly review from M362K.)
Chapter 5: Sampling Distributions
    Sections 1 and 2, supplemented with class activities and material.
Chapter 6: Introduction to Inference
    Sections 1 – 4, supplemented with class activities.
Chapter 7: Inference fro Distributions
    Sections 1 – 3, supplemented with additional material.
Chapter 8: Inference for Proportions
    Sections 1 – 2
Chapter 9: Analysis of Two-Way Tables
    Sections 9.1 – 9.3 (optional topics in 9.2 may be omitted), possibly supplemented with additional material. (Instructor may substitute Chapter 12: One-Way Analysis of Variance.)
Chapter 10: Inference for Regression
    Sections 1 – 2, supplemented with derivations of formulas.

                    Syllabus written by Martha Smith, August 2008