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Yang, Jincheng
  1. Rui Gao, Jincheng Yang, Luhao Zhang: Optimal Robust Policy for Feature-Based Newsvendor, preprint (2021). optimization-online
  2. Alexis Vasseur, Jincheng Yang: Boundary Vorticity Estimates for Navier-Stokes and Application to the Inviscid Limit, preprint (2021). arXiv: 2110.02426
  3. Alexis Vasseur, Jincheng Yang: Second Derivatives Estimate of Suitable Solutions to the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, (2021) 241: 683–727. arXiv: 2009.14291
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  5. Zhiwu Lin, Jincheng Yang, Hao Zhu: Barotropic instability of shear flows, Studies in Applied Mathematics, (2020) 144: 289-326. arXiv: 1801.00950
  6. Jincheng Yang, Zhiwu Lin: Linear Inviscid Damping for Couette Flow in Stratified Fluid, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, (2018) 20: 445-472. arXiv: 1610.08924
  • Frank Gerth III Graduate Excellence Award (2018)
  • Senate of College Council’s TA of the Year (2019)
  • Frank Gerth III Teaching Excellence Award (2020)
  • Cullen Trust Student Endowment Fellowship (2021)