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Junior Applied Math And Probability
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Ruhui Jin, RLM 9.166: Dimensionality reduction and its applications in numerical linear algebra
Friday, March 01, 2019, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
Randomized algorithm has proved its success on reducing the computationcost, memory and storage for solving linear algebra problems.With linear "sketching" technique, one can compress an over constrainedsystem to a much smaller setting. The idea of dimensionalityreduction can serve as a guide to find suitable number of measurementsfor the sketch matrices. This talk will focus on a well-knownclass of random projections supporting fast matrix-vector multiplications:fast Johnson-Lindestrauss transform (FJLT), which enable low-distortion\ell_2 embedding with high probability. It has been studied thatthe fast JL embedding used for sketching the least-square problemscan help output fairly good approximations of the optimal solutions.We will also study a derandomized version of the JL embedding,designed not only for matrix problems, but for higher-order tensorCP decompositions (tensor low-rank approximation).
Location: RLM 9.166

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