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Random Structuress
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Lorenzo Sadun, RLM 12.166: Phase transitions and nucleation in finite graphs
Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 03:30pm - 04:30pm
Abstract: The ensemble of large dense graphs with a constraineddensity of edges and triangles exhibits a rich phase structure.In this talk I'll explain what one of the known phase transitionslooks like in finite systems with as few as 30 nodes. This involvesa static analysis of what typical graphs look like in each phase,together with a description of how a typical graph in one phasecan morph into a typical graph in the other phase under a suitablerandom dynamics, a process analogous to nucleation in crystalformation. Bring popcorn, as there will be lots of movies. Thisis joint work with Joe Neeman and Charles Radin.
Location: RLM 12.166

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