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Max Riestenberg, Zoom: Explicit perturbation neighborhoods of Anosov representations
Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 03:00pm - 04:00pm
It has been known since their definition due to Labourie in 2004 that Anosov representations are stable- any sufficiently small perturbation of an Anosov representation is still Anosov. In 2014, Kapovich, Leeb and Porti characterized Anosov representations as those sending geodesics in the word hyperbolic group \Gamma to ?Morse quasigeodesics? in the associated symmetric space G/K. In analogy with the negative curvature setting, they prove a local-to-global principle for Morse quasigeodesics. However, some parts of their proof involve non-constructive compactness and limiting arguments, so their theorem does not explicitly quantify the size of the local neighborhoods one needs to examine to guarantee global Morse behavior. Supplementing their proof with explicit estimates in the symmetric space allows us to describe explicit neighborhoods of Anosov representations. This is a thesis defense. https://utexas.zoom.us/j/93336434967?pwd?ZEUi9EdEhLcHJXQjk4eHBuNThMQT09 Meeting ID: 933 3643 4967 Passcode: morse
Location: Zoom

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