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Groups And Dynamics
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Sebastian Barbieri, Zoom: Self-simulable groups
Friday, October 01, 2021, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
We say that a finitely generated group is self-simulable if every action of the group on a zero-dimensional space which is effectively closed (this means it can be described by a Turing machine in a specific way) is the topological factor of a subshift of finite type on said group. Even though this seems like a property which is very hard to satisfy, we will show that these groups do exist and that their class is stable under commensurability and quasi-isometries of finitely presented groups. We shall present several examples of well-known groups which are self-simulable, such as Thompson's V and higher-dimensional general lineal groups. We shall also show that Thompson's group F satisfies the property if and only if it is non-amenable, therefore giving a computability characterization of this well-known open problem. Joint work with Mathieu Sablik and Ville Salo.
Location: Zoom

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