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Yukinobu Toda, zoom: Categorical wall-crossing formula for Donaldson-Thomas theory on the resolved conifold
Thursday, October 21, 2021, 04:30pm - 05:30pm
I will talk about wall-crossing formula for categorical Donaldson-Thomas invariants on the resolved conifold, which categorifies Nagao-Nakajima wall-crossing formula for numerical DT invariants on it. The categorified Hall products are used to describe the wall-crossing formula as semiorthogonal decompositions. A successive application of categorical wall-crossing formula yields a complete description of categorical Pandharipande-Thomas stable pair invariants on the resolved conifold. If time permits, I will also talk about the application of the above technique to a proof of Qingyuan Jiang's conjecture on semiorthogonal decompositions of some relative Quot schemes, which leads to several interesting semiorthogonal decompositions of classical moduli spaces such as Brill-Noether loci, Hilbert schemes of points.
Location: zoom

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