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Junior Geometry
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Tynan Ochse, 12th floor: Exotic Covers of Familiar Spaces
Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 03:45pm - 04:45pm
Abstract: Relative algebraic geometry provides a framework and common language to compare various geometric theories (classical algebraic, complex analytic, Berkovich analytic, rigid analytic, etc). I will give a flash-summary of the idea of algebraic geometry relative to an arbitrary closed symmetric monoidal category C. When we specialize C to Vect_k and Ban_k, we recover usual algebraic and rigid analytic geometry, respectively. This will motivate why the class of homotopy epimorphisms in C are geometrically interesting. We will then show that there is a homotopy epimorphism from Z to a dual Frechet nuclear version of Z_p inside Ind(Ban). The rest of the talk will be devoted to giving more down-to-earth (and neat) pictures of what these ideas are supposed to capture.
Location: 12th floor

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