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Monday Sep 26 2016

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2:00 p 12.166 Topology Seminar
Christine Lee: Stability in the categorification of the colored Jones polynomial
4:00 p 5.104 Colloquium
Mark Ainsworth: The Dispersive and Dissipative Behaviour of High Order Finite Element, Spectral Element and Optimally Blended Schemes for Computational Wave Propagation


Latest News

Irene Gamba

Irene Gamba to give SIAM plenary address

Aug 13 , 2016

Irene has been invited to give a plenary lecture at the annual Joint Mathematics Meeting in Atlanta in January 2017. Irene will deliver the SIAM Invited Address.

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Travis Schedler

Travis was awarded the 2016 Andrè Lichnerowicz Prize

July 11 , 2016

Travis Schedler was awarded the 2016 Andrè Lichnerowicz Prize in Poisson geometry (shared with Pavel Mnev) at the "International Conference on Poisson Geometry in Mathematics and Physics" conference, held on July 4-8 at ETH Zurich.

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