[Maxima] compilation error

Wolfgang Jenkner wjenkner@inode.at
11 Dec 2003 21:40:13 +0100

Tomasz Koziara <toko@space.pl> writes:

> I am trying to install maxima on my linux gentoo box.
> The following error occures in the very beginning of
> compilation process:

> make[1]: Entering directory
> `/var/tmp/portage/maxima-5.9.0/work/maxima-5.9.0/src'
> LISPTYPE=clisp ; export LISPTYPE ;\
> CLISP=clisp ; export CLISP ;\

> ; - Loading source file "maxima-package.lisp"
> *** - REGEXP:REGEXP-COMPILE: keyword arguments in (T) should occur pairwise

As a temporary fix replace in maxima-package.lisp

;; detect which version of clisp REGEXP we have
(if (find-package "REGEXP") 


;; detect which version of clisp REGEXP we have
#+(clisp ignore)
(if (find-package "REGEXP") 

Explanation: Clisp's REGEXP:REGEXP-COMPILE (which you usually get only
with `clisp -K full' or some customized memory image) has a different
signature now (see Clisp ChangeLog entry dated 2003-03-30), which
causes the error above.  There's now an :IGNORE-CASE keyword argument,
which makes the test in maxima-package.lisp sort of pointless.

Then again, AFAIK regexps are required only by cl-info, which uses
NREGEX.  So I guess that in spite of the test being there, Clisp's
REGEXP package is not used at all in Maxima.