[Maxima] more about clisp start-up error "invalid byte #xBF in CHARSET:ASCII conversion"

Vadim V. Zhytnikov vvzhy at mail.ru
Sun Mar 19 12:16:23 CST 2006

Robert Dodier write:
> hello,
> under some circumstances, clisp reports "invalid byte #xBF in
> CHARSET:ASCII conversion"
> or something like that.
> what i have found is that
> LANG=es maxima
> triggers that error, while
> LANG=es_ES maxima
> does not.
> (same thing with LANG=pt and LANG=pt_BR.)
> maybe this is a clue? dunno what is the distinction between es and es_ES.

The difference between es and es_ES (and all other es_XY)
is that there is no locale with name "es".  This is
invalid locale.  Take a look at the content of
you will find all es_XY locales (subdirectories)
installed on your system but no es locale.
The same is true for pt and pt_XY.

LANG must point to valid locale!

Best wishes,


      Vadim V. Zhytnikov

       <vvzhy at mail.ru>
      <vvzhy at netorn.ru>

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