[Maxima] Plotting with PSTricks

Paul RIVIER paul.rivier at eleve.emn.fr
Sat Apr 15 16:15:22 CDT 2006


gnuplot is a very powerful plotting librairy. Among its capabilities is 
exporting in many formats, including pstricks.
At the end of this message are the possible output formats for a graph, 
on my machine.
A very good ressource is here : 

Enjoy it :)


Available terminal types:
           aed512  AED 512 Terminal
           aed767  AED 767 Terminal
             aifm  Adobe Illustrator 3.0 Format
         bitgraph  BBN Bitgraph Terminal
              cgm  Computer Graphics Metafile
            corel  EPS format for CorelDRAW
             dumb  printer or glass dumb terminal
              dxf  dxf-file for AutoCad (default size 120x80)
            eepic  EEPIC -- extended LaTeX picture environment
              emf  Enhanced Metafile format
            emtex  LaTeX picture environment with emTeX specials
         epslatex  LaTeX (Text) and encapsulated PostScript
     epson_180dpi  Epson LQ-style 180-dot per inch (24 pin) printers
      epson_60dpi  Epson-style 60-dot per inch printers
      epson_lx800  Epson LX-800, Star NL-10, NX-1000, PROPRINTER ...
              fig  FIG graphics language for XFIG graphics editor
             gpic  GPIC -- Produce graphs in groff using the gpic 
          hp2623A  HP2623A and maybe others
           hp2648  HP2648 and HP2647
           hp500c  HP DeskJet 500c, [75 100 150 300] [rle tiff]
             hpdj  HP DeskJet 500, [75 100 150 300]
             hpgl  HP7475 and relatives [number of pens] [eject]
           hpljii  HP Laserjet series II, [75 100 150 300]
             hppj  HP PaintJet and HP3630 [FNT5X9 FNT9X17 FNT13X25]
           imagen  Imagen laser printer
             jpeg  JPEG images using libgd and TrueType fonts
       kc_tek40xx  MS-DOS Kermit Tek4010 terminal emulator - color
       km_tek40xx  MS-DOS Kermit Tek4010 terminal emulator - monochrome
            latex  LaTeX picture environment
               mf  Metafont plotting standard
              mif  Frame maker MIF 3.00 format
               mp  MetaPost plotting standard
          nec_cp6  NEC printer CP6, Epson LQ-800 [monocrome color draft]
          okidata  OKIDATA 320/321 Standard
              pbm  Portable bitmap [small medium large] [monochrome gray 
             pcl5  HP Designjet 750C, HP Laserjet III/IV, etc. (many 
              png  PNG images using libgd and TrueType fonts
       postscript  PostScript graphics language [mode "fontname" font_size]
          pslatex  LaTeX picture environment with PostScript \specials
            pstex  plain TeX with PostScript \specials
         pstricks  LaTeX picture environment with PSTricks macros
              qms  QMS/QUIC Laser printer (also Talaris 1200 and others)
            regis  REGIS graphics language
          selanar  Selanar
            starc  Star Color Printer
              svg  W3C Scalable Vector Graphics driver
            table  Dump ASCII table of X Y [Z] values to output
      tandy_60dpi  Tandy DMP-130 series 60-dot per inch graphics
          tek40xx  Tektronix 4010 and others; most TEK emulators
          tek410x  Tektronix 4106, 4107, 4109 and 420X terminals
          texdraw  LaTeX texdraw environment
             tgif  TGIF X11 [mode] [x,y] [dashed] ["font" [fontsize]]
         tkcanvas  Tk/Tcl canvas widget [perltk] [interactive]
             tpic  TPIC -- LaTeX picture environment with tpic \specials
          unknown  Unknown terminal type - not a plotting device
            vttek  VT-like tek40xx terminal emulator
              x11  X11 Window System
              X11  X11 Window System (identical to x11)
             xlib  X11 Window System (gnulib_x11 dump)

Zajcev Evgeny wrote:

>Hello, I'm new to Maxima and I'm very excited it.  I use `imaxima' to
>interact with Maxima.  One thing that annoys me a little is that
>Maxima uses external gnuplot for drawing.  So my question is it
>possible to make Maxima use PSTricks's pst-plot and pst-3dplot plugins
>to performe plotting, so imaxima will be able to generate inlined
>plots.  If there no such thing, could you please provide
>implementation hints for me to try to implement it ..
>Thanks for great software!

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