[Maxima] A question and maybe a suggestion

Robert Dodier robert.dodier at gmail.com
Thu May 4 21:43:44 CDT 2006

Hello Etienne,

> I tried to put Maxima on a USB key without modify anything (I help on
> the "framakey" project) but for the moment, I have been obliged to
> change two lines in the file "maxima.bat" : I changed the line 20 by
> "set prefix=%CHDIR%.." and the following by "set
> maxima_prefix=%CHDIR%.." and it works.

In a typical installation, maxima.bat is somewhere in
c:\program files\maxima....
If maxima.bat is modified in that way on the hard drive,
does it work correctly?

What is %CHDIR% anyway? I don't know much about Windows.

> My question is why wasn't it done before whereas to edit
> the file every installation ? I think it's quite easier and now,
> I can use it on my USB key on every PC without
> modifying anything.

Well, I don't know. Vadim? Anybody?

Context for Maxima list -- Framakey is a project to
put free software on USB memory keys. (That's what
Google says, anyway.) Having Maxima distributed that way
sounds like a great idea.

Robert Dodier

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