[Maxima] gnuplot plots lines too thick for sequence

Raymond Toy raymond.toy at ericsson.com
Thu Jun 1 07:36:53 CDT 2006

>>>>> "Henry" == Henry Lenzi <henry.lenzi at gmail.com> writes:


    Henry> don't you think gnuplot plots lines that are way too thick ? I mean,
    Henry> this is not necessarily maxima-related (but an upstream issue)...

    Henry> (%i124)  xx:makelist(n,n,1,4000)$
    Henry> (%i125) yy:makelist(((-1)^(n+1))/n^2,n,1,4000)$
    Henry> (%i126) yf:ev(yy,numer)$
    Henry> (%i127) plot2d([discrete,xx,yf],[gnuplot_curve_styles,["with points"]])$

If I try this example with just 40 points instead of 4000, the plot
has no lines, but a set of plus signs at the expected points.  With
4000 points, all you see is 4000 plus signs crammed into a small
space.  I don't see how you would expect anything else.  Try the same
thing, but remove the gnuplot_curve_styles and you'll get a thin line.


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