[Maxima] discrete dynamical system

Mario Rodriguez biomates at telefonica.net
Wed Mar 5 15:54:37 CST 2008


> Here is last version:
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Miimcr.png
> What do you think ?
Looks nice.

> As to draw:
> - can svg terminal be made?
This terminal is not directly supported by draw, but you can use the 
'user_preamble' option to force output in svg format. Here is an example:

              user_preamble=["set terminal svg","set out 'mysvg.svg'"]);

But you have to add by hand </svg> at the end of the file. For some 
reason this mark is sent to the console and not to the svg file, at 
least for me.

> - jpg not works for me.
Maybe your gnuplot wasn't compiled with support for this terminal. It 
works for me.

> As to general Maxima.
> I usu draw points(xx,yy) . Here are 2 lists.
> Could it be draw points(orbit) with 1 list of complex numbers ?
No, sorry. But you can try something as this:

cl: makelist(random(10.0)+random(10.0)*%i,k,1,100)$
draw2d( point_type=diamant, points(map(realpart, cl), map(imagpart, cl)) )$


Mario Rodriguez Riotorto

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