[Maxima] integrate 1/x

Barton Willis willisb at unk.edu
Sat May 23 14:46:11 CDT 2009

Because integrate(1/x,x) = log(abs(x)) is OK on either the negative or
real axis, but it is not OK in the complex plane. There is a switch that
this, however.

 (%i199) integrate(1/x,x);
 (%o199) log(x)

 (%i200) integrate(1/x,x), logabs : true;
 (%o200) log(abs(x))

If you want logabs to be true, do

 (%i201) logabs : true;
 (%o201) true


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>why don't Maxima gives log(abs(x))?
>(%i49) integrate(1/x,x);
>(%o49) log(x)
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