Sophex Seminar

Sophex is a seminar in the UT math department specifically for first and second years to give talks, attend talks by their peers, and interact in a friendly environment. If you would like to be added to the seminar mailing list or are interested in giving a talk contact Riley Zeigler (

A list of previous speakers and talks can be found here.

Spring 2018

We meet Fridays at 4 pm in RLM 12.104.


Date Speaker Title
01/26/2018 Austin Alderete A matrix classification of Capell-Shaneson spheres
 02/07/2018  Rok Gregoric Operads are Rad! 
 02/09/2018 Rok Gregoric  A gentle introduction to spectra 
02/16/2018   Richard Wedeen Clifford Algebras 
 02/23/2018 Dan Weser   The Extension Problem for Elliptic PDEs