The department administrative offices are located on the 8th floor. Jan Baker in 8.148 oversees the daily operations of the department; Guillerma Roemero in 8.128 handles appointments, visas and office assignments; Linda Gianoly in 8.122, Paula Brawley in 8.114 and Mark North in 8.120 deal with financial matters, accounts and reimbursments; Margret Combs in 8.124 helps with grant proposals and TeX typesetting; Sandra Catlett in 8.144 handles TA appointments and course scheduling; Ben Garcia in 8.142 oversees grader appointments, textbooks ordering and classroom scheduling, he also coordinates our graduate applications; Maorong Zou in 8.132, Patrick Goetz and Jeff Strunk in 8.134 takes care of our computing needs; Denise Berry in 8.132 deals with computer purchasing; Eva Hernandez in 8.100 oversees office supplies, mail, fax, photo copying and daily teas.

Phones and Faxes

The department's phone number is (512) 471-7711. However, each office has a direct telephone number with Smart Voice voicemail. Problems with Voice Mail should be addressed Linda Porras, 8.150. Information about voice mail can be found at this site

To make a long distance call from your office telephone dial '8' and wait for a stutter dial tone. Next dial your access code and wait for another dial tone. Then enter the Area Code and number. You must always use the area code even when it is the same as ours. Please keep in mind that Texas state law prohibits charging personal long distance calls to your office phone.

The department's fax machine is located in 8.100. Our fax number is (512) 471-9038. All Department members are asked to do their own faxing. Incoming fax are checked constantly and will be distributed to you mailbox promptly.

Postal Mail and Packages

Outgoing - Outgoing mail is taken down for pickup around 1:45 PM each day. There are boxes for your outgoing departmental mail in 8.100 just inside the front door.

Incoming - There is one U.S. Mail delivery each day, usually in the middle of the morning.

Campus Mail - Campus Mail (mail from other U.T. departments) comes once each day around 10:00 AM. Outgoing campus mail should be posted in the special envelopes provided for this purpose for easier sorting and routing. Remember to write the Mathematics Department Mail Code (C1200) on all outgoing Campus Mail.


Requests for duplicating are to be placed in the request box in the mailroom. Please allow 48 hours turn-around time (do not count weekends) except in extreme emergency. More time is needed for large projects.

Should you wish to duplicate your own tests and class materials, we have two copy machines available in our Mail Room for faculty and T.A.'s to run their own tests and class notes if they desire. Eva can assist you if you need help.

A copy machine is also available in the PMA Library. See Romero Guillerma (8.128) to obtain the code number required to operate the machine. Charges for use of this machine are billed to the Department. We ask that you use the Library copy machine ONLY when materials may not be taken from the Library. It is less expensive to run them on our machines.


Our document scanner is located in 8.100. It scans documents into combined PDF and email it to you. Instructions on operations are printed on the scanner.

Daily Tea

The Departmental Social Hour is held Monday through Thursday from 3:40 to 4:20 p.m. in the Vaughn Lounge, RLM 12.104. Everyone is invited to come. Refreshments of tea and cookies are served.