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Faculty Information

Math Department Organization Chart

Seminar and Colloquium Schedule

Online Room Reservation System


Department Staff Roles

Shawna Al-Mashouq
  • Manage Department accounts spending to budget, grant applications (budgets only)
Elisa Armendariz 
  •  HR Representative, office and budget management, purchasing requests
Peter Corrao
  • Undergraduate Course Assistant hiring and assignments, class grader hiring, event/conference support
Liesbeth Demaer
  • Graduate program management, TA scheduling
Eva Hernandez 
  • Supplies, room reservations, visitor office space
Noemi Ortiz
  • Assistant to Dr. Luis Caffarelli, purchasing requests
Jeannie Schaefer
  • Travel authorizations, reimbursements, guest lodging
Tan Thai 
  • Course management and schedules, Course Instructor Surveys, Room Reservation, Textbooks, Departmental Grade Representative 
Russ Woodward
  • Undergraduate TA's, class graders, Learning Assistant hiring and assignments, event/conference support