Algebra II

M373L. Spring Semester 2017. Tue-Th 11-12:30. RLM 5.124


David Ben-Zvi,

Office Hours:

Thursdays 2-3:30 in RLM 10.168.


Algebra I (373K).

Course description:

This is the second term of a two term introduction to abstract algebra, with an emphasis on conceptual understanding and proofs. We will cover selected topics from the last seven chapters of Artin, including Representation Theory and Galois Theory.


There will be weekly homework assignments, assigned Tuesday and due the following Tuesday. The homework will count for 30 percent of the grade. 10 percent of the grade is based on class participation - this includes participation in lecture and individual presentations. There will be a take home midterm exam, the week including Feb 28, and also a take home final exam. Each exam counts for 30 percent of the grade.

Teaching Assistant:

Richard Hughes,


Student with Disabilities:

Students with disabilities may request appropriate academic accommodations from the Division of Diversity Community Engagement, Services for Students with Disabilities, 471-6259, Please notify me at the beginning of the semester of any necessary accommodations.

Drop Deadline:

April 3 is the last day a student may (with the Dean's approval) drop a class except for urgent and substantiated nonacademic reasons.