I have graduated with a PhD in Mathematics in 2016 under the direction of Tony Shaska . My areas of research are arithmetic and algebraic geometry. More specifically I am interested in minimal models of curves, arithmetic of superelliptic curves, elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography, and moduli space of curves.

I am part of a project on algebraic curves, which is about creating a computational package written in Sagemath and computes with superelliptic curves. See algcurves.org for more details about this project.

Some of my hobbies outside mathematics include learning foreign languages, reading(primarly science, history, and mystery), and hiking. My native language is Albanian. Other than that I can speak English, Spanish, Italian and have basic knowledge in several other languages.


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Work in Progres

On binary forms with minimal height.
Counting algebraic curves with bounded moduli height. (with T. Shaska)


The number of binary forms of bounded moduli height, JMM Special Session Minimal integral models of algebraic curves, Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta, GA, January 2017

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Visiting Institutions

Princeton University, New Jersey, USA, Jan- Jun 2015

MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute), Berkeley, CA, USA

CRM (Centre de Recerca Matematica), Barcelona, Spain

UMCS(Uniwersytet Marri Curie Sklodowskiej), Lublin, Poland.