Cornelia Mihaila


I am a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin working with Professor Francesco Maggi. My research interests are in geometric measure theory, the calculus of variations and partial differential equations.

  • Teaching experience:
    • Fall 2017 - TA for M408N (Differential Calculus) for Prof. Jesse Miller
    • Summer 2017 - TA for S325K (Discrete Mathematics) for Prof. Yuan He
    • Spring 2016 - TA for M408D (Sequences, Series, and Multivariate Calculus) for Prof. Bill Wolesensky
    • Fall 2015 - TA for M408N (Differential Calculus) for Prof. John Meth
    • Fall 2014 - TA for M408C (Differential and Integral Calculus) for Prof. Kathy Davis
    • Spring 2014 - TA for M427K (Advanced Calculus I) for Prof. Yuan He
    • Fall 2013 - TA for UGS 303 (Elements of Effective Thinking) for Prof. Mike Starbird
    • Fall 2012 - TA for M408L (Integral Calculus) for Prof. Ko Woon Um
  • Service:
    • Organizer of graduate Junior Analysis Seminar (August 2017-present)
    • Member of the Distinguished Women in Mathematics Lecture Series organizing commitee (August 2016-present)
    • Speaker at the Saturdary Morning Math Group program for high school students, talk titled "Unpuzzling Puzzles" about compass and straightedge problems in geometry. (October 14, 2017)
    • Speaker at the Sunday Math Circle program for high school students, talk titled "Knights and Knaves" about the classic problems from Raymond Smullyan. Video . (March 29, 2015)
    • Supervised students in UT’s Directed Reading Program in functional analysis,combinatorics, and fractals. (Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2017)

Contact Information:

email: cmihaila [at] math [dot] utexas [dot] edu
office: RLM 10.134
  • UT Math

  • address:
    University of Texas at Austin
    Department of Mathematics
    2515 Speedway Stop C1200
    Austin TX 78712