Free boundary, partial differential equations and related topics

Berlin, December 19-20, 2016


Weierstraß-Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik

Mohrenstraße 39, 10117 Berlin, Germany


Aims and scope:

We aim to gather distinguished European researchers and promising young mathematicians working in the vast and important fields of free boundary, PDEs, calculus of variations and related subject.

In a friendly and stimulating environment, the participants will share their results and discuss further developments and open problems. The perspective of this conference is also to link the past research with the future perspectives and bridge the theory to the applications.

Tentative program:

Mon 19 h 10.30-11.30 A. Karakhanyan

Mon 19 h 11.30-12.30 G. Buttazzo

Mon 19 h 14-15 H.-M. Nguyên

Mon 19 h 15-16 A. Pinamonti

Mon 19 h 16-17 M. Salo

Tue 20 h 10.30-11.30 J. F. Rodrigues

Tue 20 h 11.30-12.30 S. Dipierro

Tue 20 h 14-15 S. Jarohs

Tue 20 h 15-16 F. Punzo


Michael Hintermüller and Enrico Valdinoci

Supported by ERC grant EPSILON (Elliptic Pde's and Symmetry of Interfaces and Layers for Odd Nonlinearities) and PRIN grant 201274FYK7 (Critical Point Theory and Perturbative Methods for Nonlinear Differential Equations).