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Jeff Haack

Jeff Haack

University of Texas at Austin
RTG Instructor
(Update - I am now employed at Los Alamos National Laboratory)


haack (at sign) lanl (point) gov

Research Interests


Research Statement

Teaching Statement


Previous Teaching (Spring 2014)

  • Math 348 - Numerical Analysis + Scientific Computing

Past Teaching at University of Texas

    Math 408C - Differential and Integral Calculus
  • Math 341 - Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013)
  • Math 348 - Scientific Computation in Numerical Analysis (Spring 2012)
  • Math 427L - Advanced Calculus for Applications II (Spring 2011)
  • Math 408D - Sequences, Series, and Multivariable Calculus (Fall 2010)


About me

I am an RTG postdoctoral instructor in the Mathematics Department of the University of Texas at Austin and a postdoctoral researcher at ICES. My research interests are in applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and scientific computing. I primarily collaborate with Irene Gamba on conservative spectral methods methods for the Boltzmann transport equation. I am a co-PI on the NSF-DMS grant "Accurate high performance computing for nonlinear collisional kinetic theory", which investigates the use of high performance computing resources in deterministic simulation of kinetic problems. This work has applications in aerospace engineering, plasma physics, micro-engineering and many other areas. I do much of my computation at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).

I have also worked with Shi Jin and Jian-Guo Liu on asymptotic-preserving schemes for compressible fluid problems, and with with Cory Hauck on asymptotic-preserving methods for linear diffusive transport.

When I'm not doing math, I enjoy cooking, biking, baseball, good food, clowning with my rescued cocker spaniels, and listening to Cubs games on the radio.