DAAD Spring School onCombinatorial Stochastic Processesin Hanoi, 2016

Combinatorial stochastic processes studies random permutations and partitions of a large population, and the reverse process, the merging of smaller units into progressively larger communities, called coalescent. These processes are abundant in nature. Since the publication of the major text "Combinatorial Stochastic Processes" by Jim Pitman in 2002, the field has had major advancement. This spring school takes participants from basic notions in the field through to some major theorems, applications, and open problems.

This two-week spring school consists of 17 lectures and 7 discussions sessions. It introduces graduate students and researchers in related fields to the major tools, open problems and applications of combinatorial stochastic processes. The discussions are for lecturers and participants to mingle, exchange ideas, and work on open questions.

The workshop is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The number of participants is limited. Click here to apply

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