Veronica Quitalo

Big Bend,  March 2009

"Proof",  December 2011

Invitations and Communications




I am currently a research fellow at University of Coimbra, CoLab UT Austin Portugal Program and I am on the job market.

My current research embraces two main lines: developing a general biophysical model that would explain the propagation of information in the brain using partial differential equations, and regularity theory for free boundary problems that are limit of systems of nonlinear elliptic differential equations, with applications to problems of segregation of biological populations with very high competition.

I did my PhD at the department of mathematics, at the University of Texas at Austin (2013), under the supervision of Professor Luis Caffarelli. My thesis work is on fully nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations, regularity theory and free boundary problems. 

I have received the Spira Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2015-16) while a Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor at Purdue University  and the Frank Gerth III Teaching Excellence Award at UT Austin (2009).

E-mail: vquitalo (AT)
Office: 5.17

Postal address:
Departamento de Matemática da FCTUC
Apartado 3008
EC Santa Cruz
3001 – 501 Coimbra


L. Caffarelli, S. Patrizi, V. Quitalo, ``On a long range segregation model", (Submitted to J. Eur. Math. Soc.,

V. Quitalo. ``A free boundary problem arising from segregation of populations with high competition", Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis: Volume 210, Issue 3 (2013), Page 857-908, DOI 10.1007/s00205-013-0661-5.

Ph.D. Thesis, " Regularity of a segregation problem with an optimal control operator", University of Texas at Austin, August 2013       

Teaching (as a Golomb Visiting Professor at Purdue University 2013-2016):
M 303* Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the Sciences    *both in class and distance learning setups
This is a methods course for juniors in any branch of engineering and science, designed to follow MA 262. Basic techniques for solving systems of linear ordinary differential equations. Series solutions for second order equations, including Bessel functions, Laplace transform, Fourier series, numerical methods, separation of variables for partial differential equations and Sturm-Liouville theory.

M 366 Ordinary Differential Equations
An introduction to ordinary differential equations with emphasis on problem solving and applications. The one-hour computer lab will give students an opportunity for hands-on experience with both the theory and applications of the subject.

M 527  Advanced Mathematics For Engineers And Physicists I
Courses MA 527 and 528 constitute a two-semester sequence covering a broad range of subjects useful in early graduate engineering courses. Topics in MA 527 include linear algebra, systems of ordinary differential equations, Laplace transforms, Fourier series and transforms, and partial differential equations.

Department Seminars/ Colloquium:
  • Functional Analysis and Applications, CIDMA, Aveiro University, Portugal, December, 2016
  • Joint seminar Analysis-Numerical Analysis and Optimization, CMUC, Coimbra University, Portugal, December, 2016
  • Mathematics Colloquium, University of Miami, Miami, December 2016
  • Mathematics Colloquium, Florida Atlantic University, October 2016
  • Analysis and Applications Seminar, Florida Atlantic University, October 2016
  • PDE seminar, Purdue University, October 2016
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences Colloquium Series, Hosted By SIAM, Florida Institute of Technology, April 2016
  • PDE seminar, Wayne State University, Detroit, December 2015
  • Mathematics Colloquium, at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, October 2015
  • Analysis seminar, University of Texas at Austin, September 2015
  • PDE and applications seminar, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, May 2015
  • PDE seminar, Purdue University, April 2015
  • Analysis seminar, Columbia University, May 2014
  • Biomath seminar at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, January 2014
  • PDE seminar, Purdue University, January 2014

Talks in conferences:

  • Academic advise panel in Women in Science Regional Conference (AWIS), University of Notre Dame,  October, 2016
  • Systems of partial differential equations arising from population dynamics: Free boundary problems as a result of segregation, 11th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications: special sessions, Orlando, Florida, USA, July 2016
  • On a long range segregation model, International Workshop on Calculus of Variations and its Applications, Lisbon, Portugal, December 2015
  • On a long range segregation model, 6th Symposium on Analysis and PDEs, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA, June 2015
  • A free boundary problem arising from segregation of populations with high competition, JISD2014, Barcelona, Spain, June 2014
  • Regularity of a segregation problem with an optimal control operator, Midwest Women in Mathematics Symposium, University of Notre Dame, USA, February 2014
  • H-Convergence applied to linear elasticity problems, XXXV Congresso National de la Sociedad Matematica Mexicana, Durango, Mexico, October 2002