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Monday Sep 25 2017

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12:00 p 12.166 String Theory
Arun Debray: Homotopy theory in the classification of symmetry-protected topological phases

Upcoming Conferences

We are Texas

Kinetic Equations: Modeling, Analysis and Numerics

A celebration of Irene M. Gamba's impact in modeling, analysis and numerical simulations of kinetic equations

Sept 18-22, 2017, UT Austin.

Kinetic equations play vital roles in the modeling of physical systems ranging from gas dynamics, plasmas, semiconductor devices to biological and social sciences. The study of kinetic equations brings out rich mathematics and calls for special techniques from analysis, numerical analysis and scientific computing. The aim of this conference is to bring together junior and senior experts in all aspects of kinetic equations and provide the state of the art and most recent developments in the field.


University of Texas at Austin, November 17-19, 2017

The weekend-long TGTC conference at the Mathematics Department of UT Austin features leading researchers in low-dimensional topology, hyperbolic geometry, geometric group theory, gauge theory and symplectic topology.


Latest News

The work of Alexis Vasseur and Cheng Yu will be the topic of a presentation at the Seminaire Bourbaki in IHP, Paris

June 7, 2017

The Sèminaire Nicolas Bourbaki (Bourbaki Seminar) is a series of seminars (in fact public lectures with printed notes distributed) that has been held in Paris since 1948. It is one of the major institutions of contemporary mathematics, and a barometer of mathematical achievement, fashion, and reputation. Read More ...

James Carter

James Carter Smith won the Marjorie Morales Award for Excellence in Mathematics Research

May 1 , 2017

James "Carter" Smith, an undergraduate in mathematics, won the Marjorie Morales Award for Excellence in Mathematics Research. He participated the Undergraduate Research Forum 2017 with a project titled "Determining a Number Through its Sum of Divisors." Carter's graduate mentor on the project was Alessandro Rezende de Macedo and Dr. Mark Daniels was project advisor.


Invited talks at ICM 2018

April 15 , 2017

Lewis Bowen, Sean Keel, and Alan Reid have been invited to present 45 min talks at the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 in Rio de Janeiro. We congratulate them for this high distinction.

We are No. 1

CWUR ranks "interdisciplinary applications of math" at UT #1 in the world

April 3 , 2017

The Center of World University Rankings (CWUR) has released their new worldwide rankings today. It rates UT Austin globally Rank 1 in Interdisciplinary Applications of Mathematics, and Rank 5 in Applied Mathematics. This is a great distinction for both the Department of Mathematics and ICES.
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Thibaud Taillefumier

Taillefumier has been awarded a Sloan Fellowship

March 17 , 2017

The Sloan Foundation today announced that Thibaud Taillefumier has been awarded a 2017 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship. The complete list of recipients is available at

Milicia Cudina

Milicia Cudina to receive John Durbin Teaching Award

March 3 , 2017

Milicia Cudina has been selected to receive the 2017 John Durbin Teaching award. This is a distinguished recognition of Milicia's service to the Actuarial Program, in particular her development and teaching of M339D and M339W.